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Coasta Rica

There’s nothing quite like the rainforests of the “Rich Coast” to get the adrenaline pumping. At its heart, the Central American country boasts an epic landscape that is home to nearly 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity. Discover how fragile these endangered ecosystems are as you travel through different rainforest preserves and unearth dazzling displays of color and sound.

Coasta Rica

Hop on board this natural adventure and you’ll soon discover all that Costa Rica has to offer. From boating through the wetlands of Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge to walking through the clouds in Santa Elena Cloud Forest, there is so much to experience. Then, kick off your shoes and stand on white sand beaches, where you can sometimes sport dolphins and migrating whales. The Environment & Culture in Costa Rica Trip that we have planned is as colorful and diverse as Costa Rica's flora and fauna itself, and the memories will be as strong as the coffee you’ll get to sip while you’re there.

Coasta Rica Volcano

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