President's Leadership Circle

The President's Leadership Circle (PLC) is a unique experience provided to select Frostburg State University student leaders. Students awarded membership within this elite group are provided with a variety of exclusive opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.  In the past, PLC students have testified in front of state legislature, shadowed the University President all across the state, networked with alumni and made connections to last a lifetime.

Our current president, Dr. Nowaczyk is enormously invested in the success of the President's Leadership Circle and loves to get to know each class of students.  In order to facilitate the development of these relationships, the President's Leadership Circle group gets to sit down with the President for monthly Fireside Chats.  At these gatherings, students are privileged to hear from Dr. Nowaczyk and discuss a variety of topics related to leadership, life goals, and career plans. 

One of the more celebrated aspects of the President's Leadership Circle is the cross-cultural excursion provided to all PLC students.  Each student accepted into the President's Leadership Circle is given the opportunity to travel beyond Frostburg's borders in order to learn more about international issues and cross-cultural leadership.  In the past, students have traveled to China, Dubai, Prague, Ecuador, Uganda, India, and California.  Students have flown deep into the Amazon Rainforest to experience the reality of oil drilling and deforestation.  They have piled into vans and traveled from school to school in Uganda in order to promote water purification and basic sanitation.  And they have attended International Youth Leadership conferences in order to exchange ideas with student leaders from across the world and facilitate global conversations on international issues.

The President's Leadership Circle allows our best and brightest student leaders to join as a group to explore the process of leadership together. Our students come together to discuss real-world problems with a joint determination to find common group in order to enact viable solutions.

Sheena Willison
"Thank you, President's Leadership Circle, for I am eternally grateful."

Sheena Willison, PLC ALumni 2012-13


Courtney Jacobs

"The Presidential Leadership Circle provided me with a year in college that I will never forget, which encompassed endless possibilities, opportunities, and relationships that couldn't be replicated in any other environment or institution.  Placing a value on the experiences and life lessons that I have gained from this past year in the President's Leadership Circle is nearly impossible.  I have created relationships with so many wonderful people, ranging from my peers, to the President of Frostburg State University, and many in between."

Courtney Jacobs, PLC Alumni 2012-13