Leadership Awards 2018

Presented by the Office of Leadership and Experiential Learning

We have so many exceptional Bobcats that deserve to be recognized! Know a great student leader?  Had a professor that went above and beyond?  An advisor?  A staff member?  Thank them for all their hard work and dedication - NOMINATE them today! To see the award categories, click Here!

Leadership Awards Reception will be announced soon by Invitation Only.

Step 1: Read

Think you want to nominate someone? Click on the page that is titled "Award Categories." There you will find all of the awards, descriptions and qualifications for each of the awards to be presented at this year's reception.

Once you have read all about the categories, proceed to the next page titled "Instructions." Read over the rules!

Step 2: Think and Write

Decide who you want to nominate! Just make sure that your nominee is a good fit for the award you are selecting them for.

Part of the nomination process is justifying why you think your nominee deserves the award. But don't worry! It's painless! See the "Instructions" section for more information and an example of what we are looking for.

Step 3: Nominate

Once you have your written justification, proceed to step three: Nomination! Go to the "Nominate!" section and just fill out the quick form.

Congratulations! You just nominated an individual or organization for the 2017-2018 Leadership Awards!

Thank you for submitting nominations!

We look forward to celebrating those nominated at our Leadership Awards Reception.

Pillar Award

2017 Leadership Award Winners

Emerging Leader Award
Micah Hunter-Goskie

Social Change Award
Johana Gourdin

Outstanding Programming Award
The Clothesline Project

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award
Dr. Rebecca Birnie

Outstanding Faculty Award
Amy Branam-Armiento

Outstanding Staff Award
Danielle Dabrowski

Father Ed Hendricks Award
Canyon Lohnas

 Pillar of Community Award
Nicholas DeMichele

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