You’ve Been Admitted!

Congratulations on your acceptance to FSU!

Now What?

In the upcoming months, we will provide information about admitted student opportunities and important next steps to get you ready to start at Frostburg. Your student ID was included in your acceptance letter. Click here for information on your FSU username and password. You can also keep track of what you need to do through your student account: Log in here.

Here are your first steps toward starting at FSU:

Pay your tuition deposit

Paying your tuition deposit as early as possible gives you the most time to get ready for your life at Frostburg. You can’t be assigned to a Preview orientation session until your deposit is paid, so the sooner you take care of the deposit, the sooner we can get your summer schedule together.

You can also apply for on-campus housing once your tuition deposit is paid. 

Pay your tuition deposit here. Click on "Accept Fee $150-Non Refundable."

Apply for Financial Aid


Apply for Housing


Get ready for Preview FSU

Preview FSU is a two-day program designed to help you transition into college life. When you attend a Preview FSU session, you’ll get all the essential information about Frostburg State University, from strategies for academic success to ways to get involved around campus.

Preview FSU is a time to set your academic career in motion. You’ll take placement tests for English and math classes and, with the help of an Academic Advisor as well as a Preview Guide, register for your Fall classes. You’ll start meeting your classmates and making new friends while getting better acquainted with the campus and all FSU has to offer. Preview FSU also includes special programming for parents and families.

After your tuition deposit has been received, you’ll get specific information to start the process of being assigned a Preview session.

Plan for your FSU Experience

While you’re getting ready for Preview FSU, take a look through our Majors, Minors and Programs for a subject that interests you, and check our Student Organizations for a group that’ll make you feel at home.

Check us out on Social Media

Look for the Facebook group for your FSU graduation year! It’s a great way to start meeting your fellow Bobcats. 

FSU stays active on many social media platforms to help you connect across campus. Here are just a few of our profiles:

Meet a Bobcat

Brandon Holmes
Exercise & Sport Science
Class of '17

Why Frostburg? At the time I applied I was very shy, to say the least. Much to my surprise once I got to Frostburg and got involved, it didn't take long for me to break out of my shell and end up meeting all of the wonderful people at the university that make me love this school.