B.S./B.A. in International Studies

Go as high or as far as you dream with studies that double as your ticket to the world.

When the world is open to you and nothing is impossible, planning for your future can be a daunting task. Frostburg State University’s bachelor’s degree in International Studies can help you narrow down your interests, fine-tune your skills and get you headed wherever you want to go. Everything in the modern world has an international element, from manufacturing to military operations. International specialists are needed in every organization that hopes to be a global player, forming bridges and building relationships to create a better world.

Frostburg State University’s program prepares you for the specific field you choose to work in – politics, economics, business, etc. – with core courses focused on the interconnectedness of all sectors in the global scheme. Experiential opportunities abound, from activities with exchange students to your own studies abroad to an optional internship. Check out how Frostburg’s “World of Experiences” can connect you to the bigger picture!

  • Enjoy the varied resources and opportunities of this interdisciplinary program, supported by FSU’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and College of Business.
  • Concentrate in International Business, Politics, Economics or Development, or keep your studies broad with a general International Studies degree.

International Studies Highlights:

  • Make friends from all over the world in FSU’s numerous student clubs: the Latin American Student Organization, the Amnesty International student chapter, the Africa, Caribbean and Ethiopian Student Associations, Global Business Club… the list goes on!

  • Travel wherever your ambition leads you with the Center for International Education, which fosters study abroad programs in hundreds of universities spread across more than 40 countries!

  • Draw connections between the foundations of international studies – history, politics, economics and geography – to gain the big-picture understanding needed for successful studies and employment.

  • Specialize your academic career, if you wish, in Europe, Africa & the Middle East, Asia or Latin America with the International Area Studies certificate. The certificate nicely complements the International Studies major but is not required.

  • Gain fluency in another language, an excellent tool and skill that can be put to use around the world. FSU’s offerings include regular classes in Spanish and French.

  • Build up your confidence and your resume with an optional internship.

  • Prepare yourself for a constantly shifting global scene with a program based on the world’s changing nature, readying you to take on today’s world and adapt to tomorrow’s.

  • Join a program that has graduates employed in legislative offices on Capitol Hill, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and a variety of economic firms.

About Our International Studies Faculty:

  • Learn with faculty from departments all around the university, including History, Political Science, English and Foreign Languages, Economics and Geography.

Sample International Studies Courses You May Take:

International Business – Introduction to foreign commerce; survey of the environmental, economic, political and social constraints on doing business abroad; discussion of issues and problems facing managers when firms do business with and within foreign countries.

Political Geography – Geographic factors affecting national identity and the present development of countries. Consideration of the spatial organization of political units at the international and domestic scale.

Comparative Economic Systems – Analysis of ideology and problems in different economic systems: capitalism, Marxism and socialism. Comparisons of centrally planned and unplanned economics; free market pricing and direct controls; private enterprise and nationalized industry.

Intercultural Understanding – The study of the concept of Culture as well as its multiple manifestations and the case study of three diverse peoples. Team taught.

Find out more about Frostburg State University’s international studies program requirements (PDF).

Career Outlook for International Studies Professionals:

Graduates of international studies programs have unique opportunities available to them in virtually any field they choose. Non-profits, governments and organizations that conduct business or have partnerships overseas all require internationally savvy professionals to manage their relationships abroad. When searching for an international job, applicants have a much greater chance of success when searching by sector – NGO, government agency or private firm – rather than by a particular country. Recent graduates are also more likely to find employment with a US-based organization that may then send them abroad. For more information and resources, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, the United Nations’ Careers and Young Professionals Programme pages, Idealist.org or the U.S. Bureau of International Organization Affairs’ Careers page.

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