2017 Update on MSCHE Action Regarding Frostburg State University

Frequently Asked Questions on Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s (MSCHE) June 22, 2017, Action Regarding Frostburg State University


What did MSCHE do?

Following FSU’s submission of accreditation monitoring reports and a team visit to FSU this spring, MSCHE determined that we are now in compliance with the General Education standard (Standard 12), but they have requested additional documentation for the Institutional Assessment standard (Standard 7). As a result, the warning issued in June of 2016 is continued. FSU is in compliance with 13 of the 14 standards necessary for continued accreditation.

MSCHE has requested a monitoring report with additional documentation of our compliance with Standard 7 on Sept. 1, 2017, and the University is currently preparing that documentation. A small team visit will follow. Our team feels confident that this extra time will be sufficient to provide the documentation.

The commission should made a decision regarding the results of the monitoring report and visit at its November meeting.

What does Standard 7 – Institutional Effectiveness –focus on?

Standard 7 focuses on our ability to assess our institution’s programs and services and that we use that information to improve what we do. It will be important that we all take an interest in the ongoing assessment of our operations, not only for Middle States compliance, but because it will enhance our institutional decision making for years to come.

Is FSU accredited while under “warning”?

Yes, FSU’s accreditation continues. We take the warning regarding our accreditation seriously. However, this is the least severe action MSCHE can take when an institution is viewed as not complying with the accreditation standards. MSCHE states that “Warning indicates that the Commission believes that, although the institution is out of compliance, the institution has the capacity to make appropriate improvements within a reasonable period of time and the institution has the capacity to sustain itself in the long term.”

We agree with this statement from MSCHE, and are confident that we will be able to make the necessary improvements and provide documentation within that “reasonable period.”

What does this mean for my job/diploma? Is the University going to close?

The University remains open and fully accredited.

Statement from the President
“We accept the decisions of MSCHE in the spirit of helping FSU strengthen its role as an institution of higher learning. We concur with MSCHE’s statement that FSU has the ‘capacity to make the appropriate improvements within a reasonable period of time.’ We are confident that the University community, faculty, staff, and students will provide the necessary documentation and take the needed steps to demonstrate FSU’s commitment to meeting fully MSCHE’s accreditation standards.”